Focus on life sciences, care for human health


Focus on Life Sciences · Care for human health

Xinxiang pharmaceutical has always attached importance to environmental protection, earnestly implemented national and local environmental protection guidelines, policies, laws and regulations, adhered to the scientific outlook on development of "all-round, coordinated and sustainable development", further strengthened environmental protection management and implemented the environmental protection responsibility system in an all-round way. Our company brings environmental protection into the plan, formulates clear environmental protection tasks and indicators, implements them in all aspects and links such as production management and technical management, and establishes an assessment, reward and punishment system.

The company plans to continue to upgrade the waste gas treatment system in the plant area, and add a set of RTO device on the basis of the device to further reduce the emission of pollutants; The organic waste gas in the plant adopts front-end multistage treatment + terminal advanced RTO treatment device, which will greatly reduce the emission of pollutants per unit product.

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