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Focus on Life Sciences · Care for human health

I. quality policy and quality objectives. 

1. Quality policy: continuous training, strengthen the quality awareness of all staff, standardize drug production behavior, pursue Zhuoyue, meet customer requirements and expectations, and create a well-known brand of "new drug". 

2.High qualified rate of finished products, high qualified rate of sampling inspection of products, and ensure the implementation of service quality complaints .

II. quality commitment: 

1. Adhere to honesty and trustworthiness and put an end to false and deceptive behavior.Building brand.

2. Strictly abide by the Drug Administration Law, Drug production Supervision and Administration measures and other laws and regulations to ensure that the information in the whole process is true, accurate, complete and traceable. 

3. Strengthen the quality management of the whole staff, the whole process and all directions, and improve the quality responsibility consciousness of the whole staff. 

4. Strictly implement the "Drug production quality Management Standard" to ensure the continuous and stable production of qualified drugs to meet the needs of users. 

III. The spirit of quality and honesty. 

The company's business policy: "Excellent quality, user first" 

Work philosophy: unity, sincerity, initiative and high efficiency. 

Business philosophy: good faith management, to create a well-known brand of new drugs. 

Service tenet: professional, dedicated, attentive.

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